5 C-Words

"Arrest this man, he talks in maths, he buzzes like a fridge, he's like a detuned radio."  I swore I'd never do it. I swore I'd never unleash a quaint little memory device to simplify a process that otherwise demands a decent serving of your attention. But here we are, and truth be told, I'm

Today I Learned…

This is mesmerising to watch.  It is supposedly a real-time visual representation of what people are searching for on Google.  After watching for a couple of minutes, I have learned a few things: Prancercise is a thing, and it is hilarious Michele Bachman's resignation announcement is a really big deal in the States I have

The Crazy Facts About Apple’s Role In Education

Did you know that 39% of 2-4 year olds have used a mobile smart device and more than half of all 5-8 year olds. Access to mobile technology is reaching further and further as it becomes more mobile that ever. Check out this infographic for more crazy facts about Apple's impact on education.