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The Swiss Army Device

The year 2012 saw many schools purchasing iPads for use in their classrooms.  The iPad has made made huge in-roads into education, and quickly developed a reputation as being a must-have device.  The content available through the AppStore has appealed to teachers of all learning areas, and across all ages in the K-12 spectrum.  The

Taking Control of our Email

Happy New Year!  As the first post of the year, I'm going to capitalise on two things.  The first is how fresh our memories of Christmas lunch or dinner are, and the second is the openness to forming resolutions characteristic of January. But first, let's talk turkey.  (I promise I'm going somewhere useful with this!)

How to turn off iCloud Document Syncing on the Mac

If your anything like me, and store almost everything in Dropbox, the 'Save to iCloud' feature on the Mac can become a little pesky - especially when it continues to default to this option. Solution? Just go into your System Preferences, and click on 'iCloud'. Here, you can turn off Documents and Data which disables this option

Murally – Collaborative Mindmapping

Here is a tool worth checking out. Murally allows you to create an image-rich mindmap and invite other users to contribute. Murally logs each user's contributions, and even allows space for a little chat window. This could have some interesting uses in the classroom, but also has potential for teachers to collaborate with each other.

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