App Rundown – Creative Book Builder

Creative Book Builder is one of those apps for iOS devices that can be applied across all learning areas, and can enable the iPad to be a truly creative device. The app allows the user to create a fully published ebook by assembling content including: text

Google Chrome Addons (and Little Alchemy)

Just a heads up for anyone that wasn't aware - Google Chrome's addons, available from the Chrome store, are a great way to customise your browser and streamline your workflow. Addons are imported as large icons that are visible when you open a new tab. and


Using Blooms Taxonomy in education is a highly effective way to scaffold learning for the students. This site sorts  Apps into Bloom's Taxonomy. via bloomsapps.      

educational-origami – Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy

Bloom's Digital Taxonomy lends itself to problem and project based learning where the student must work through the entire process of development and evaluation       via's+Digital+Taxonomy        

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