Tree of Life – OneZoom

Data Visualisation at it's best. Here is a great little project to follow, with their first product called 'Tree of Life'. This website allows you to explore the tree of life in a completely new way: it's like a map, everything is on one page, all you have to

Sharing files on iOS devices

I was recently given the challenge of compiling video from multiple iPads into a single device's Camera Roll so that an iMovie could be made. If anyone has tried to do this, you will appreciate just how challenging this is. While iCloud and PhotoStream allow for

The Aus Curriculum ICT Capability

With the upcoming Australian Curriculum, this ICT Capability will be built into virtually every lesson. It's what our PD logo (top of this page) is based off. Investigate, Create, Communicate, Operate, and using technically in an ethical way. Check it out at: The Australian Curriculum v3.0 Information

Challenge Based Learning – Browse Challenges

Challenge Based Learning - Browse Challenges. Are you exploring Challenge Based Learning with your students? Why not comment on this post with your most successful challenges. This site contains some great examples of real challenge based learning. Really useful for activity ideas and provides a great

Design Principles for the 21st Century High School

Apple - ACOT2 - About ACOT2. What does a 21st Century Classroom feel like? Read about the Six Design Principles for the 21st Century High School from the Apple Classrooms of Tomorrow site. Then follow the links to read more about Challenge Based Learning.    

Challenge Based Learning

    Apple's take on Challenge based learning. Students today have instant access to information through technology and the web, manage their own acquisition of knowledge through informal learning, and have progressed beyond consumers of content to become producers and publishers. via Challenge Based Learning.

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