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A day in the life… Part 1

I’m sitting on the floor.  Actually, I am sitting on a small red chair, but it is only about 8 inches above the floor.  The classroom teacher is sitting beside me but she seems quite comfortable.  It seems this chair was designed for little people, like the five year olds that are gathered in a

Cybersmart – Kids

Cybersmart - Kids. The Cybersmart program is a national cybersafety education program managed by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA), as part of the Australian Government’s commitment to promoting online safety for children and young people. You will find a wealth of resources to help you create and sustain the important messages about digital

Online Safety: Sharing Personal Information

Talking to kids about staying safe online can be a tricky one.  Today's young people have an unprecedented level of opportunity to engage with information, activity, and each other in an online environment - an environment that is often only sparsely populated with adults for guidance and supervision.  Because of this, talking to kids about

The Aus Curriculum ICT Capability

With the upcoming Australian Curriculum, this ICT Capability will be built into virtually every lesson. It's what our PD logo (top of this page) is based off. Investigate, Create, Communicate, Operate, and using technically in an ethical way. Check it out at: The Australian Curriculum v3.0 Information and Communication Technology (ICT) capability - Introduction.

Digital Citizenship Program – LBPSB

Digital Citizenship Program - LBPSB. We all know the importance of keeping our students safe in the online world. This site has a fantastic curriculum overview for teaching all students about their rights and responsibilities online. I hope you find it useful. Do you have a structured Digital Citizenship program in your school? Share you

Raising a Digital Child

Bringing up children can be difficult at the best of times, but it seems that technological advances are adding to the pressures, writes Dr Mike Ribble.  Parents and schools need to help children to learn to use technology in good, appropriate way. View this pdf for great ideas to begin a discussion on Digital Citizenship.