Holiday PD with Winthrop

Learn how to create and use 21st Century tools in your class. Topics include. Develop an online presence, Blogs for learning, online tool kit. Content creation on the Mac, iPhoto, iMovie, Pages & Keynote. Download the Flyer and Register here  

New dropbox sharing options

        The ability to share folders with people using Dropbox has been a life saver. However, this only works if the other person has Dropbox. I find most people these days have the service, but it's still a little awkward setting up a

3 Finger Dictionary on the Mac Trackpad

Using 3 fingers on your Mac Trackpad, double click on any word and it will pull up the dictionary meaning. I used it yesterday after I wasn't quite sure how to spell the word 'ascertain'. Spell check corrected it for me, but I wanted to make

80 features in Lion you may have overlooked

It's worth having a quick flick through these 80 features to see what can benefit you when using your Mac. I picked up on the 'restart automatically if your computer freezes' tip, which is found in System Preferences. Assigning an application to a specific desktop is

Design Principles for the 21st Century High School

Apple - ACOT2 - About ACOT2. What does a 21st Century Classroom feel like? Read about the Six Design Principles for the 21st Century High School from the Apple Classrooms of Tomorrow site. Then follow the links to read more about Challenge Based Learning.    

21st Century Skills Australian Curriculum

The Australian Curriculum v1.2 - General capabilities. What are the essential skills that our students need as they move into a 21st Century workplace? The National Curriculum document lists a range of general capabilities that students need to develop across the learning areas. What are your

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