Sharing files on iOS devices

I was recently given the challenge of compiling video from multiple iPads into a single device's Camera Roll so that an iMovie could be made. If anyone has tried to do this, you will appreciate just how challenging this is. While iCloud and PhotoStream allow for the sharing of photos amongst my own devices, there

VIDEO: “Where Data Meets Design”

Some colleagues of mine in Singapore linked me to this video about the value of visualising data.  Giving your numbers some visual form and aesthetic sense helps bring your message to life for those of us not blessed with a naturally quantitative brain. The notion of incorporating elements of design also raises some interesting ideas

YouTube Without the Mess

Love using Youtube for your classroom, but don't like all the advertisements and recommendations? ViewPure is your new best friend. Simple drag the bookmark into your Bookmark Toolbar, find the youtube video and then click on this bookmark. It takes you straight to a clean interface without all the distractions. Brilliant!

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VIDEO: “The Blur Gallery – Photoshop CS6” Photography enthusiasts might be interested in some of the blur options in the Beta for Adobe Photoshop CS6. This tutorial video shows that Adobe have worked hard to make tilt-shift photography a realistic option, even for people without the equipment that is normally required.

Dragontape, Grab and clip Youtube videos!/4943024 This is Dragontape. Do you ever want to trim  and combine Youtube videos for use in your class. This web tool allows you to search, trim and combine Youtube videos with ease. See my mini volcano video here   You will find this so easy and quick. Let us know you thoughts

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Keynote – Getting started at isupport

Keynote – Getting started | isupport. Check out this Keynote video by local teacher Doug Loader. Watch this introductory video to help you get started with Keynote. Print this pfd of the Keynote basics.   Or visit the Apple web site Find Out How for video and text help with Keynote and other iWork