App Rundown – Creative Book Builder

Creative Book Builder is one of those apps for iOS devices that can be applied across all learning areas, and can enable the iPad to be a truly creative device. The app allows the user to create a fully published ebook by assembling content including:

  • text
  • images
  • videos
  • audio clips
  • code
  • music

For older students, and teachers, the strength of this app is its ability to compile so many different media in one place. This works really well for students looking for an alternative way to present research assignments, or for teachers looking to assemble resources for students.

Younger students may initially have trouble with the interface of CBB, but can create some fantastic content if they learn a few simple tricks. This has worked very well for students with low literacy levels, by creating books rich in dynamic media, as well as plain text.

Building content in CBB

Featured Image: Screenshot of an e-book created with students’ illustrations and narration of a traditional Japanese story “Momataro”.

Creative Book Builder can be purchased for $4.49 from the iTunes Store.

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