Book Creator

In Book Creator, students can add photos from the Camera Roll, take photos using the camera, draw on the pages, add text and add sound too.

There are 3 types of book pages that can be chosen from, square, landscape and portrait. As well as this, you can also create comic strips; scroll down and under the books you will see the templates.

To change the page colour, choose the i button and then the colour that suits your project.

By tapping on the + in the top right hand side, you can add photos, use the camera, draw with the pen, add text and add sound.

By choosing the shapes button at the bottom, next to media, you can add shapes, speech bubbles and thought bubbles too, see the options below.

Text that is on the page can be changed too by tapping on the text first, and then the i button, this is in the top right hand side, see the image below to help. The font, size, colour and more can then be changed.

When using the pen tool, you may like to change the colour of the pen. If the colour you want is not available, click on the black dot on the top right hand side of the screen, choose more and then mix the colour you would like by dragging your finger over the colour palette. When you find the colour you’d like, click on Apply.

If you would like to delete something, click on the object on the page and a blue box will appear. Then click on i in the top right and the last option is delete.

Here are examples of the labelled vehicles students created to be powered by Sphero. Students used the tools in Book Creator to label their vehicles.

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