BYO Creative Suite

The Adobe Creative Suite is by far the professional choice for all things digital-media-editing-print. In my experience for classroom use, we typically tap into no more than 5% of the capability of these programs, which sometimes can make it hard to justify spending the thousands of dollars on the entire Adobe suite. Granted, it’s worth giving students the experience on industry standard platforms, and depending on what you are trying to achieve and what year level you are teaching, it could well be worth the investment.

If however you are a on a tight budget, or just enjoy getting things for next-to-nothing (like me), I’m sure you’ll love this list of BYO replacements for most of the Adobe lineup – courtesy of LifeHacker.

Photoshop Replacement – GIMP. 

InDesign Replacement – Scribus

Illustrator Replacement – Inkscape

Premier Replacement – VideoLAN Movie Creator

Dreamweaver Replacement – Kompozer

After Effects Replacement – Wax or Blender

Flash Replacement – Synfig or FlashDevelop or Stencyl

Acrobat Replacement – Preview or PDF XChange Viewer

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