Sharing files on iOS devices

I was recently given the challenge of compiling video from multiple iPads into a single device's Camera Roll so that an iMovie could be made. If anyone has tried to do this, you will appreciate just how challenging this is. While iCloud and PhotoStream allow for the sharing of photos amongst my own devices, there did not seem to be any easy solution for having multiple users collaborate by filming footage [...]

Aurasma | Augmented Reality App

Aurasma. Aurasma is a an app that allows you to provide information to your students via augmented reality. Use this app transform a static image into a video, much like you see in a Harry Potter movie. Put simply, record a video on your iPad, open the Aursama app, capture/set the trigger image, link to the overlay (your video), save your aura. That it! Use Aurasma to differentiate a worksheet activity, [...]

Socrative | Student Response System | App for iPad

Socrative | Student Response System | Audience Response Systems | Clicker | Clickers | Student Clickers | ARS | Mobile Clicker | Software Clicker. My Room # Socrative is a smart student response system that lets you easily and quickly create and conduct quizzes. You can start an instant quiz to ask multi-choice, true/false or short answer question from your presentation. Or you can create and save your own online quizzes. [...]

iMovie Trailers on the iPad

iMovie on the iPad is a great creation tool for both teachers and students. You can quickly and easily use the movie trailer feature to create dynamic video presentations. Have your students create trailers to review or summarise an event or concept. Capture some short video clips. Choose the trailer template that suits. Drag and drop your video clips to the storyboard. Edit the text boxes to suit your topic and [...]

Flash Content on the iPad?

Many schools ask about access flash content on iPads. A few apps claim to allow flash games to play on the iPad. Make sure you test these out first as there are some reports that they don't work well within school networks but do work well within home networks. Let us know how you go?       

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