YouTube Without the Mess

Love using Youtube for your classroom, but don't like all the advertisements and recommendations? ViewPure is your new best friend. Simple drag the bookmark into your Bookmark Toolbar, find the youtube video and then click on this bookmark. It takes you straight to a clean interface without all the distractions. Brilliant!

Passpack – Free Online Password Manager

  There are few products that come around, that I use almost every single day and can't imagine my digital life without! First, it was Gmail, then Skype, followed by Apple, Dropbox, my iPhone and iMessage. The latest addition to this list is a product called Passpack. Basically, it's a free online password manager that allows you store all of your account information securely online. Your bank details, your email password, [...]

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Digital Citizen – Acceptable Use Agreement| The Committed Sardine

Digital Citizen - Acceptable Use Agreement| The Committed Sardine. Are you in the process of creating or reviewing an Acceptable Use Agreement policy for IT use in your school? Read about the key facets of a useful agreement. What has your experience of Acceptable Use Agreements been like on your school? What have been the successes and challenges? Click on comment to post your thoughts.

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Digital Citizenship Program – LBPSB

Digital Citizenship Program - LBPSB. We all know the importance of keeping our students safe in the online world. This site has a fantastic curriculum overview for teaching all students about their rights and responsibilities online. I hope you find it useful. Do you have a structured Digital Citizenship program in your school? Share you experiences by commenting on this post.

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