Class VR Kit – Virtually Disrupting ‘Real World Application’ in Learning Design

With 8 headsets, a portal and an app the Class VR kit provides a measured mode of delivering Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) learning tasks in the classroom.

The VR library groups collections into learning areas and topics and is growing rapidly. For me it provides a powerful insight into HaSS and Science topics in particular. In terms of skills, the collections provides ample opportunities to develop empathy, cause-and-affect, creative thinking and reflection with strong contextualisation.

The ability to create content for the platform both as an educator with 3D photos or videos and as students through platforms such as Co-Spaces provides a very powerful opportunity for higher order skill development. This creative space will be an interesting one to watch going forward.

The front facing camera at the front of the headset enables students to engage with a numerous range of AR models grouped under a number of learning areas such as a beating heart and a Viking ship. Further, the ability of the kit to project Mixed Reality 3D objects via printable QR codes which can be selected from the library or created by students in platforms such as Microsoft Paint brings these models into a tactile realm for students, not to mention a creative space.

In a teaching and learning context the AR and Mixed Reality capabilities of the kit provide a powerful way to cater for a range of learning styles by allowing students to visualise and interact with 3D content independently and to their interest.

With quick activation just by raising a thumb and with the teacher able to pin focal points for students from the portal the VR kit has been designed for use in a classroom context and has changed the game for bringing VR to the classroom by making the engagement with VR and AR smooth, controlled and instantaneous.

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