Digital Skills for the Future

We’ve all heard of IQ and EQ, but what about “DQ” – your Digital Quotient?

Sure, it sounds buzzy, but stick with us. The graphic above comes from the DQ Alliance’s website,  an organisation that hopes to bridge some of those great digital divides between generations. It breaks down 8 categories of skills, competencies, fluencies and characteristics required to be “digitally intelligent” in today’s hyperconnected world. This post from the World Economic Forum makes a clear and simple case for getting our heads around them, while explaining each of them in simple detail.

The best news is that a great many of them boil back to critical thinking, resilience, identity, creativity, and interpersonal skills. You don’t need to be “a techie” to be good at them.

Yes, there are tools connected to the website to build up kids’ understanding, but they’re pretty gamey and impersonal, and likely to be met with a bit of a sneer from older kids because they’re a little tacky and they don’t play well. They’ll pale in comparison to real experience guided by your mentorship as an adult and an elder.

Ultimately, we’re talking about cultivating strong enduring relationships between people, while being fully aware that the Internet’s a messy place. Simply being guides, mentors, and… adults in that environment has immense potential to help them grow up safe and savvy in that environment.

Take a look at the linked posts – I’d love to know your thoughts.

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