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A basic introduction to how coding may be taught and structured in primary schools

**Participants should bring their own device. Please make sure it is fully charged and the following applications are installed: 


The focus on coding in primary schools has come as part of an increased emphasis by governments (worldwide) on STEM subjects, which they hope will help prepare students for the economies of the future.

The inversion makes some sense: the increased prevalence of technology, coupled with our reliance on it, implies a greater number of jobs in this area in the future. Furthermore, academic reports have claimed that students who learn coding from a young age learn additional skills, such as problem-solving, collaboration and logical thinking.

In this workshop, you will learn: 

  • More about the context of coding and programming outside schools
  • Low-tech introductions to coding for all age groups
  • About block coding through the use of a number of applications – for lower and upper year groups.
  • About the possibilities for physical interaction using robotics, such as Sphero.
  • The pathway advanced students may wish to follow to learn more advanced programming languages.