Everyone Can Code Resources

Have you seen the 8 Everyone Can Code iBooks developed by teachers for teachers? The iBooks are based around a spiral curriculum model and provide lessons starting from Kindergarten. The available books are: 

  • Get Started with Code 1, designed for K – Year 2
  • Get Started with Code 2, designed for Year 3 – Year 5
  • Learn to Code 1 & 2 and Learn to Code 3, designed for Year 6 – Year 9
  • Intro to App Development with Swift and App Development with Swift, designed for Year 10 – Year 12

 These resources are free and easy for teachers to teach coding. Each lesson has a key vocabulary focus around coding, and has a hands on unplugged activity, followed by an activity using an app that support the concept being taught. The lesson also has a journalling and reflection activity, followed by an optional app design activity. My favourite part, and the part that the teachers I work with love the most, is that each lesson also has printable materials that teachers can laminate and re-use in their classrooms. 

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