Google Advanced Search

Google Advanced Search helps us access information and images that can be re-used and shared in our work. When doing research, it is a great opportunity to speak with students about copyright and plagiarism.

Adding Google Advanced Search to the Home Screen will save having to type the address in each time you want to do research with your students. The website address is,

How to use Google Advanced Search

1. Type into the first box, ‘Find pages with all these words’ the topic that you want to find images about.

2. Look for the blue text, ‘Safe Search‘ and change this to ‘Filter Explicit’ results.

3. Below this, look for where it says ‘Usage rights‘ and change this to ‘ Free to use or share

Now, click the blue Advanced Search button

To save an image

Even though we have chosen, ‘free to use or share’ it is not certain that every photo will be copyright free.

Click on an image you like and check for:

  • watermarks – logos, company name or the designer / photographer
  • copyright /trademark symbols

If the image you want to use does not have any of these things, then hold on the image and choose ‘Save image’ when the pop up appears. (Just like in the screenshot above) Your photos will now be located in the Photos app.

Note: If the image you want to use is blurry, click on the image and click on visit, it will take you to the page that the photo is originally from, and then you can save it.

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