iPad Learning Experiences

Term 3 has been a busy term for iPad Learning Experiences! This has seen 2 primary schools have access to a class set of iPads for a month to simulate a one to one learning environment.

The Year 3 class at Shelley Primary School were the first to have the iPads. The year 3’s were so enthusiastic and so was their teacher, Lynn. Lynn was amazed by the ease of which her students could create materials on the iPad, particularly for Literacy. Reading with expression had been one of the biggest challenges faced by her class, so we used apps including 30 Hands so students could record and hear themselves instantly, then rerecord if necessary. This developed into the creation of scripts and use of Puppet Pals to tell the story.

With the integration of technology, researching took a different focus, with students using Popplet to collect their ideas and Padlet walls to collaborate. However, it was the digital citizenship topic that became a major topic for discussion. Students were finding it easy to post notes to one another on Edmodo, but forgot it was for education. Nothing harmful was written, but it was interesting to see the times of the day that some of the posts were created. Lynn addressed these beautifully with her class.

The Year 4 class at Parkerville Primary were the next iPad Learning Experience of Term 3 with their teacher, Lois. Literacy and research were also main topics in this class and students used Poppet to collect ideas and presentation apps 30 Hands and Keynote to present this information. One of the more interesting activities was the use of the iPad to bring their home to school. Students used iMovie to create movies of their weekends, many showcasing the beautiful environment they live in. The Perth Hills is a lovely place, and the students bonded with their families to create some amazing movies.

Lois also used a few of the online game based learning tools with her class. She used Kahoot and Socrative to create quizzes for her students on various topics. The students even came up with their own questions for a quiz! Lois also took on the challenge to integrate Maths with iPads with huge success, with students demonstrating their teaching their friends through ShowMe.

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