Jux – Sharing with style

If you haven’t seen Jux already, take a couple of minutes to investigate. Jux is a web application that allows you to upload content, especially pictures and videos, and display it in the most stylish way imaginable.  The display is super clean and highly visual, but is not restricted to images.  Jux allows:

  • block quotes
  • articles
  • slideshows
  • galleries
  • videos
  • a host of styling and customising options

A sample screen on Jux, featuring an article, gallery, and photo.

Jux displays tiles in a different order each time the page is refreshed, and wraps up very nicely on smaller displays such as the iPad and iPhone.

Jux is free to sign up, links nicely with your social media channels (optional) and has some great potential in school. If I were to do a photography assignment, I would want to present it as a Jux!

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  1. Mike February 1, 2013 at 5:08 PM - Reply

    yes #JUX, ftw! Very easy to use and loving the way it renders on a tablet browser 🙂

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