Let the games begin!

10470609_759453727431448_8010097023693197013_nSo you may have seen the post on Socrative, an excellent quiz tool. While it can be web based or accessed through the app, it has many advantages such as a google login in for the teacher, a variety of ways to pace quizzes and excellent feedback.


However, there are many quiz making tools out there.

icon-kahoot Kahoot is popular at the moment, with many pre made quizzes hosted on the site. Easy to create, preview and play, Kahoot also gives thorough feedback for the teacher. The music that accompanies each of the questions adds to the excitement, and only top students are listed on the leader board, so as not to discourage students. The leader board is based on correct answers and time taken to answer, so it may not be useful if you are having problems with students reading questions properly! Heaps of fun, but unlike Socrative where quizzes can be paced at different speeds, Kahoot quizzes are only teacher paced.


formsWith many schools using Google Apps for Education, I can’t neglect to mention using Google Forms to create quizzes. Like Socrative, you have the option to create multiple choice, true/false, and free response questions. One interesting feature is that you can send students to different questions if you use the multiple page option in the form. Responses are easily viewed in Google Sheets, and you can see the live responses to the quiz. You can even embed images and videos into your Google Form quizzes.


icon-blubbrDo you use video material in your classroom? Blubbr allows you to create quizzes based on the topic of your choice. Once you have entered the topic, Blubbr provides a list of you tube videos to choose from, which you can trim to your liking and add multiple choice questions. The quiz is student paced and provides immediate feedback to the participant. There are also plenty of pre-prepared quizzes to try. A great way to test your students are paying attention while watching the video!


9541297_origHave you tried Infuse Learning? Similar to Socrative, Infuse has a few differences that may work for you and your class. Are you using symbols in your classroom? Infuse allows the teacher to draw questions and the students to draw responses to their questions that they may have difficulty typing an answer to. Other features allow you to push out links to student devices and easy set up class lists in Infuse (simple import).

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