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Everyone Can Code Resources

Have you seen the 8 Everyone Can Code iBooks developed by teachers for teachers? The iBooks are based around a spiral curriculum model and provide lessons starting from Kindergarten. The available books are: 

  • Get Started with Code 1, designed for K – Year 2
  • Get Started with Code 2, designed for Year 3 – Year 5
  • Learn to Code […]

Class VR Kit – Virtually Disrupting ‘Real World Application’ in Learning Design

With 8 headsets, a portal and an app the Class VR kit provides a measured mode of delivering Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) learning tasks in the classroom.

The VR library groups collections into learning areas and topics and is growing rapidly. For me it provides a powerful insight into HaSS and Science topics in particular. In terms of […]


Not to talk too big a game, but OneNote is one of the most useful programs in existence. It comes preloaded on the Microsoft Surface and can be downloaded for free on iOS, Android and MacOS.
In the classroom teachers can use it for many engaging activities. There are so many features of OneNote that I love, but my top […]

Makey Makey

Makey Makey is an invention kit. It is great for kids in a classroom because it allows them to create things and experiment with conductive materials. I also like that it has already been coded for the user, so you can focus on the creation side of things.

Our Professional Development Coordinator (PDC) team spent one morning experimenting and seeing what […]

Microsoft PD

Last week we spent a couple of days with the Microsoft Education team in Melbourne to get our heads around Office 365 for learning.

To be honest, for at least the last 4 years I have been focused very much on Apple, and have worked primarily with Apple products in my classroom. I was excited to work with a Surface Pro […]

What’s Happening

Get your class creative with movies by entering the ABC Education ‘Where I Live’ competition and win a copy of a travel book for your class.

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