Reflection App for mobile iPad Presentations

If you present using an iPad often, you have probably encountered issues with projecting your image for your audience to see. Many classrooms have a computer connected to a projector already, so to project an iPad means you have to disconnect the computer, and connect your iPad using an iPad adapter. Not too difficult in itself, but it does mean that the portable iPad is now anchored to the desk at the front of the room.

Enter ReflectionApp. Reflection is a program that can converts an existing computer into an Airplay destination for your iPad. This allows the teacher to be mobile in the room and there is no need to switch cables between PC and iPad. reflection has several features built in, including multi screens broadcast simultaneously and a screen record function.

Some ideas for classroom use:

  • Teacher can present while walking around room
  • Student iPads can be projected from right where the student is sitting
  • Side-by-side comparison
  • Use the screen recording feature to create tutorial videos for iPad
Find out more from the Reflection website.

Full screen mode

Multiple screens simultaneously. Optional iOS skins.

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