A day in the life… Part 1

I’m sitting on the floor.  Actually, I am sitting on a small red chair, but it is only about 8 inches above the floor.  The classroom teacher is sitting beside me but she seems quite comfortable.  It seems this chair was designed for little people, like the five year olds that are gathered in a circle on the mat in front of me.  There’s a boy playing with his shoelaces but [...]

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LINK: Will Richardson on the role of technology in Lifelong Learning

For those who attended our workshops this week, here's a nice bit of reading on why it's so important that teachers immerse themselves in the world of online networks, web publishing, and deliberately managing digital reputations. Richardson suggests that the visibility & transparency that comes with being "Googleable" is a really solid first step towards modelling the kinds of positive online contributions we'd all love to see our students engaging in. [...]

Parents Urged to Update their Computer Skills

I came across this article about the need for parents to sharpen their computer skills and it got me thinking. We devote lots of our time to skilling up students and teachers but not so much for parents. Are we leaving them behind? And what are the implications if we are? "Homework becomes the time for self-directed discovery in exciting online worlds, where students can collaborate via the internet with real [...]

Cybersmart – Kids

Cybersmart - Kids. The Cybersmart program is a national cybersafety education program managed by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA), as part of the Australian Government’s commitment to promoting online safety for children and young people. You will find a wealth of resources to help you create and sustain the important messages about digital citizenship with your students. Note: Includes many flash based activities. ACMA research has shown that children [...]

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