Today I Learned…

This is mesmerising to watch.  It is supposedly a real-time visual representation of what people are searching for on Google.  After watching for a couple of minutes, I have learned a few things:

  1. Prancercise is a thing, and it is hilarious
  2. Michele Bachman’s resignation announcement is a really big deal in the States
  3. I have no idea who Chrissy Teigen is
  4. I miss having American basketball on our TV channels, but lots of people seem to be interested in what the Miami Heat are up to

Apart from being mesmerising, and beautiful to watch in a funny sort of way, this animated page gives us a brief glimpse into what other people all over the world are wanting to know about.

I had a conversation with an English teacher this week, and she was asking about story idea generators.  I think a couple of minutes of watching this moving wall could get a few things ticking over!

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