tubalr – Bodacious Video Curation

‘Tubular’ is a term I tend to associate with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles but it turns out tubalr is also an awesome web service for compiling and sharing YouTube videos.

I came across this tool several months ago, and have been using it as a kind of online jukebox ever since.  I had been typing a musician’s name into the search box and listening to whatever YouTube videos came up.  After creating an account, I found i could save my favourite playlists to listen to later.  One of the really nice features is the automatic removal of all those introductory advertisements that every YouTube video seems to have now.

I recently finished typing a lengthy response to someone regarding setting up a WordPress blog.  In the message I cited several video tutorials that I thought might be useful.  After sending the email I decided to save some of the videos into a tubalr playlist for future reference.  If I ever need to point someone else to WordPress resources, I can share this playlist link with them.

Now imagine being in a classroom and wanting your students to watch a series of videos.  Maybe you have a set of videos you would like students to watch over the weekend, you could either provide a list of cumbersome URLs, or provide them with one tidy link to a playlist.  Now that I have moved away from the idea of this tool just being for music videos, I can see so many possibilities.

Got any of your own ideas about how this might be used?

Playlist for Pythagoras’ Theorem – you should at least watch “What was up with Pythagoras?”

My WordPress playlist



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