Who needs instructions anyway?

In my travels, both in and out of schools, I often encounter adults who are seemingly held back in their use of iOS devices.  I notice it more with iPads in schools and it is very common to hear a teacher say that they haven’t been shown how to use an app.

A lot of us grew up in an age where you really wanted to be sure you knew what you were doing if you start tapping buttons on any sort of computer.  Those times are well and truly behind us now, as evidenced by all the toddlers we see – the ones that know an iPad inside out and can navigate between all their favourite games, record a video and watch a TV show.

So why do so many of us feel we need instructions?  Perhaps we have grown out of the habit of looking for visual cues, choosing to focus on written instructions instead.  Perhaps the toddlers around us have so much success because they only pay attention to the visual cues.

This little presentation is designed to point out a few of the more common symbols and icons that may be encountered when using an iOS device such as an iPad or an iPhone.  As the use of mobile technology increases, we find ourselves  forced to rely less on the traditional ‘File > Save As’ or ‘Insert’ menu options.

If you feel you might fit into the “old school” category, take comfort in the fact that software developers are working their butts off to make apps and programs easier to use.  It is now much, much harder to ‘break the computer’ so all of us oldies are running out of excuses to experiment!

Created with Haiku Deck, the free presentation app for iPad
For more information, view the presentation on the HaikuDeck website so you can view the public notes that accompany each slide.

Presentation compiled on iPad using HaikuDeck app.
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