Professional Development workshops are a familiar format, but often struggle to plant the seeds for sustainable, embedded practice.

Our new Workshops-in-Residence aim to bring the best of workshops and ongoing professional development to schools in a short, sharp PD program, built around a single focus. One of our experienced PD Coordinators will work with you for the duration of one term to help your school develop an embedded, cohesive set of habits and practices. Each one has a mix of formal workshop learning, classroom support, and guidance for leadership.

Here are this semester’s offerings. If you’d like to work with us on something different, we’d love to discuss it with you.

Talk to one of our Education Managers or PD Coordinators to find out more.

Navigating the turbulent waters of how our students engage with the world online is a complex challenge that encompasses their relationship with knowledge, identity, peers, and communities.

By tackling this landscape head-on and long term, we can help our students be proactive in avoiding the common problems of cyberbullying, fake news, identity theft, and copyright infringement.

Our Digital Citizenship Workshop-in-Residence aims to help schools develop a broad, integrated understanding of the issues and employ a set of practical strategies to meaningfully embed a strong digital citizenship strategy across the whole school.

The new Digital Technologies curriculum has inspired excitement about the potential of coding and robotics in the classroom, but not without its share of stress, confusion, and frustration.

In this fast-moving field, it is essential that educators approach the technology itself with the critical eye that comes with the confidence and fluency to use it themselves.

This Workshop-in-Residence will help your school establish a common set of understandings and mindsets for your staff so that they can design learning experiences with confidence, and find deep, meaningful links across the curriculum.

The potential for 1:1 to transform learning in your school makes it a whole-school undertaking – not just something for the classrooms with owned devices.

Whether your school is embarking on 1 to 1 for the first time or wanting to revise their establishing 1 to 1 program, this Professional Development program will help your teachers and school leadership establish some solid groundwork. We will help your school establish a clear vision, a common skill set, curriculum links and community engagement.

Our students are our most powerful and important partners in developing cohesive and ambitious student-led learning initiatives such as inquiry learning or STEM. Establishing a well thought-out Makerspace can be an incredibly powerful tangible step towards those elusive ideals of lifelong learning and intrinsic motivation.

Our Makerspaces Workshop-in-Residence will help your school design and launch a constructionist learning environment where students can make to learn, rather than learn to make. We will delve into Design Thinking methodology, explore links to the curriculum, and identify how and where your space might open, develop, and grow.

With the arrival of the Digital Technologies Kit to public schools and the availability of classroom-friendly robots across all schools, there are a whole host of new opportunities and challenges as we plan to integrate them across our curriculum and manage them in our learning environments.

This Workshop-in-Residence will help your school with some out-of-the-box activities to make immediate use of your robots, learn the computational thinking & coding habits to adapt to change, and establish a starting point for cross-curricular integration.

As the collection of digital devices and tools appearing in our schools becomes ever more diverse, finding sustainable common ground to collaborate and build on your successes becomes ever more challenging.

Office 365’s connected environment can provide you with a strong online backbone to draw together that plethora of different tools, file formats, and classroom needs across your entire school.

This Workshop-in-Residence aims to help you embed your Office 365 tools purposefully across your whole school, from leadership, to curriculum organisation, to face-to-face classroom practice.